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Thursday, June 01, 2006

My Subjects Page Project

I'm working on a major project in the redesigning of the website. I'm setting up a section for databases and websites by subject. So for example, in Art, I've selected the databases where students can find articles on art. I've also selected websites that deal specifically about art. As I've been working on this project, I've been thinking about adding in sections for professors's works as well as the students and local artists. In Business, have the professors's published works set up, along with writings by their students they feel would be good for future classes to read. Or student projects that professors thought were well done; have links to them.

In other words, I want the library to be an integral part of the campus, a location that houses all information and projects and works for the whole campus. That is what the library is for, right?

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Some Thoughts On Giving Presentations

I participated at a conference recently in Pennsylvania on Electronic Resource Management programs, and how we can better manage the behomoth of information found on the web.

One of the presenters began her talk. She had slides that she basically read from and fairly soon, I lost all interest in all she had to say. Why? Because I had already read what she was just going to say. True, she expounded on her various points, but by that point she had already lost me.

So I have some suggestions for future presentations. These are more for my benefit (because at this point, I bet I'm the only one reading this blog of mine) ;) than for others, but I believe they will be helpful to others as well.

1. People, stop reading your slides! Don't put your words on your slides. Let your words first come out of your mouth before anyone else has a chance to read or see them. You'll have more effect on your listeners this way.

2. Use the slides as a visual representation to enhance your speech, not as your reminder of what you need to say next. Especially if you start talking about technical or abstract thoughts, show people what you are talking about. Visualize it for them, making it easier for them to understand your technical or abstract points.

3. It is so easy to tune a presenter out that reads from his or her slides. Why listen to the presenter when you can read the presenter's points?

4. Being able to read the presenter's points before they make them undermines the strength and effectiveness of the presentation itself.

5. Powerpoint or Keynote (if you have a Mac) are not designed to just display words. (That's what Word and Pages are for!) Utilize the strengths of Powerpoint and Keynote to enhance your words not to repeat your words.

Those are my thoughts.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Redesigning A Website

I still feel pretty young. I have that youthful exuberance as I'm pondering how to change the library's website here at work. I've been given the task and responsibility and the power to change it all. How far should I go? How much should I change? Should I learn Javascript and use some of that for scroll-down menus? Should I just keep the design simple, and spice it up with CSS? I do have limits placed by the college at large, as they don't want to change too much of the general design....should I just keep it basic for now and change it later on? It is pretty exciting. I do enjoy my I've gotta go do it. :)

Friday, April 14, 2006

Thoughts on the Field of Librarianship

Hello Everybody, this blog is about my profession, where I would like to jot down my thoughts and ideas on my job and improving the library world. I don't know how often I will keep this updated, but I figured I should at least get it started. :)